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「银曜石」设计款宇航员1号Silver Sheen Obsidian

「银曜石」设计款宇航员1号Silver Sheen Obsidian

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可强健肾脏,吸收病气,增进睡眠;对酗酒,抽烟,药品成瘾有改善作用;这种银曜石还有一个特点,就是招财, 黑色的原色极度辟邪, 能强力化解负能量, 银色的眼为招财的功神, 两结合在一起,相得益彰。

Silver obsidian is a rare species in the obsidian family. It can enhance vitality, restore people's spirit and physical strength, and has a good balancing effect on office workers and creative workers who overuse their brains.
It can strengthen the kidneys, absorb sickness, and improve sleep; it can improve alcoholism, smoking, and drug addiction; this silver obsidian also has a feature, which is to attract wealth. The black primary color is extremely evil, and can strongly resolve negative energy. Silver The eyes of the two are the gods of attracting wealth, and the two are combined to complement each other.

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