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「菩提根」橘子三顶Bodhi Bracelets

「菩提根」橘子三顶Bodhi Bracelets

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产地place of origin:菲律宾Philippines







- [1 ] 不能沾水沾油和化学物质
- [2 ] 避免高处摔落和大力撞击,以免珠子有暗裂的情况
- [3 ] 收到浅色珠子之后建议戴手套打底,防止珠子盘污,深色系的珠子净手盘就可以
- [4 ] 汗手的宝们请净手盘或者戴手套盘
- [5 ] 给一串珠子三四天的偏爱,三四天的偏爱会让珠子呈玻璃底的光泽,这个时候搓热,闷在文玩袋里48小时,为了给珠子包浆稳定的过程
- [6 ] 出现黏阻感可以静置菩提根一段时间再接着盘,让珠子形成多次包浆挂瓷
- [7 ] 湿水后尽快擦干,阴干

- [1 ] Keep away from water, oil and chemicals
- [2 ] Avoid falling from high places and strong impact, so as not to crack the beads
- [3 ] After receiving light-colored beads, it is recommended to wear gloves as a base to prevent the bead dish from getting dirty. A dark-colored bead dish is fine
- [4 ] Those with sweaty hands, please wash your hands or wear gloves
- [5 ] Give a string of beads a preference for three or four days, and the preference for three or four days will make the beads have a glass-bottomed luster. At this time, rub the heat and stuff them in the play bag for 48 hours. In order to coat the beads with a stable process
- [6 ] If there is a sense of stickiness, you can let the bodhi stand for a while and then connect it to the plate, so that the beads will form multiple times of coating and hanging porcelain
- [7 ] Wipe dry as soon as possible after getting wet, dry in the shade

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